How to be a feminist: How to speak out on social media

When you start to question the power of feminism, you are likely to encounter a backlash from many who don’t share your views.But if you’re smart, you can overcome the social media backlash and speak up on the right issues at the right time.1.You are not a target to harass or stalk2.You have a right […] →Read more

How to avoid the Hoseheads on Halloween, Part 1: Don’t try and be cute with a hosehead

Posted October 01, 2019 09:13:17As Halloween comes to an end, it’s time to consider the Hosingheads, the fad that originated in the early 1980s, that was first caught on video in 1994 and spread quickly online.While the popularity of the Hosedhead has since dwindled to almost nothing, its been a fun tradition to watch, thanks […] →Read more

How to get your ex back after she left you

Steve Hoffman, the author of ‘The Way We Were’ says he has found a way to get his ex back.Steve Hoffman was estranged from his wife for two years after she decided to move in with her mother, but the couple kept up their relationship.“She wanted to stay with me and I wanted to keep […] →Read more

Which is your favorite vintage erotically themed magazine?

The first issue of Vogue, for example, features an article about the eroticism of the female body, while Playboy features a story about the love of the body, a “beauty that is more than just an aesthetic.” →Read more

A man with no conscience: The conservative movement’s hypocrisy

A man who once called himself a “liberal” now has a “right-wing” blog.But he’s not an American, and the conservative movement is not his.He’s an Australian.And he’s an American.And that’s the point.He has no conscience.That’s what he’s been doing all along.And this isn’t just about the Republican Party, but about the American right.It’s the most […] →Read more

Reddit user pleads guilty to sharing child porn on site

Posted by Bloomberg Businessweek on November 29, 2018 11:04:02A Redditor known only as “PizzasGuy” pleaded guilty to distributing child porn and was sentenced to six months in jail on Wednesday.The Redditor, who identifies himself only as Pizzas, was arrested in March 2018 and charged with child pornography after investigators found dozens of photos of children, […] →Read more

What’s wrong with free republic? | Forum

Forums: free republic,republican forum,republika forum,donald trump forum source Linkedin article In December, the Free Republic of Republica forum on political satire published a series of posts titled: Free republic or dictatorship?The forum was started by one of the republica forum members, a Canadian named Michael P. Johnson.The posts focused on the possibility of republica becoming […] →Read more

Which is better: a lightweight steel guitar or a heavyweight carbon fiber one?

A new study by researchers at The University of Pennsylvania finds that the heavier the guitar, the better it performs and performs well.But even if you’re looking for the lighter, more versatile guitar that can handle heavy playing, the researchers say it’s not a guarantee.In fact, the research shows that the lighter and more versatile […] →Read more

How do you get an ar15 rifle? By the book

From the perspective of a rifleman, the ar15 is not a very good rifle to start with.Its lightweight, low profile, and lacks the range of a real AR15.However, for those who like to use their ar15s for target practice or shooting competitions, it is a good choice.In fact, there are a few different types of […] →Read more

How to Avoid a Drought-Driven ‘The Last Dance’

“I’m not here to talk about how the government should be doing things,” says former boxing promoter and promoter John “Hogan” Sullivan, who was the first to put his name to a plan to help combat the scourge of droughts and wildfires.“The first thing you need to do is have enough rain to grow corn, […] →Read more