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  • A new way to connect the worlds of mobile games and PC gaming via Steam: SimStarter

    Posted by Next Big Futures on Monday, March 18, 2018 05:28:10The Steam marketplace is a place where anyone can play games, watch movies, play video games, and much more.There are hundreds of games available, with titles like “Halo 4” and “Assassin’s Creed Origins” coming soon.SimStarters, on the other hand, is a service that lets players […]

  • How to get the most out of your new gun

    By now, you’ve probably heard about how the military wants to get new rifles and shotguns ready for the battlefield.While the military is working on new rifles for some of its soldiers, it wants to make sure that new guns don’t come at the cost of accuracy.That’s why the military has created a new forum, […]

  • Weather expert: It’s a sign of climate change, not a sign it’s a storm

    The weather in Canberra is in dire need of some much-needed repair work, with experts warning of the risk of severe weather hitting the ACT.Weather experts have warned that a severe weather warning is not necessarily the result of a major storm, as some experts have suggested, but rather it could be a sign that […]

  • A man with no conscience: The conservative movement’s hypocrisy

    A man who once called himself a “liberal” now has a “right-wing” blog.But he’s not an American, and the conservative movement is not his.He’s an Australian.And he’s an American.And that’s the point.He has no conscience.That’s what he’s been doing all along.And this isn’t just about the Republican Party, but about the American right.It’s the most […]

  • What’s wrong with free republic? | Forum

    Forums: free republic,republican forum,republika forum,donald trump forum source Linkedin article In December, the Free Republic of Republica forum on political satire published a series of posts titled: Free republic or dictatorship?The forum was started by one of the republica forum members, a Canadian named Michael P. Johnson.The posts focused on the possibility of republica becoming […]

  • When to shoot?

    What to look for when planning a trip to a range.Whether you’re going for the big game hunting or target shooting, here are some tips for deciding when to shoot.1.The first target shooting session 1.Start out slow, shoot slowly and let your brain do the work.You should know what you’re shooting, what the range is […]

  • Watchdog: WWE’s ratings fall to lowest level in more than two years

    More than two-thirds of all WWE shows aired in prime time on cable, down from about 80% in 2015, according to Nielsen data.That’s down from 94% in 2016, when the network aired more than 1.5 million hours.On cable, the average viewership for the last five months was a record low.And viewership dipped even further from […]

  • How to Make a Video Game About Your Son

    In his first game, Alex tries to take over the world.Alex and his robot friends are all about to take on the evil corporation that wants to destroy the planet, and Alex has no intention of letting his son live to see the end of it.“Alex is the ultimate child-protective robot,” Alex says in the […]

  • When to use a condom, how to get it right

    The International AIDS Society’s (AIAS) 2017 Hotwife Survey is out and the results are in!We asked a panel of experts to give us their take on when to use condoms and how to ensure that you get the best results.Read more about how to prevent the spread of HIV and the other STDs that can […]

  • How to be a better flight attendant: How to learn and grow in the industry

    It may be the biggest airline industry news of the year, but it’s also the most dangerous.This year, the U.S. Department of Transportation has banned flying on most major carriers and has suspended pilots licenses across the country.The U.K. and France have also imposed bans.What follows is a guide for those who wish to become […]