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  • How to be a better flight attendant: How to learn and grow in the industry

    It may be the biggest airline industry news of the year, but it’s also the most dangerous.This year, the U.S. Department of Transportation has banned flying on most major carriers and has suspended pilots licenses across the country.The U.K. and France have also imposed bans.What follows is a guide for those who wish to become […]

  • Texans say they’re concerned about sniper hunt

    More than 100 people gathered for a barbecue in the Texas City area on Sunday night to show support for the families of four soldiers killed in a sniper ambush earlier this week.The Texas Shooting Forum said the gathering was to honor the four men and their families.The forum said the men, whose names have […]

  • How to get your hands on a new acoustic guitar

    This article originally appeared on Fox Sports.Read more about acoustic guitar:What’s the best acoustic guitar?What’s the biggest bass guitar?Which acoustic guitar is the best for playing acoustic music?Is there a guitar that’s too big for your hands?How to buy a good acoustic guitar for the right priceWhat is the sound of an acoustic guitar that […]

  • How do I get rid of the adidas logo in my profile picture?

    The adidas website will no longer show the logo in profile pictures for anyone who has already created a profile picture.This is because the company has decided to go back to using the logos of the companies that make the shoes, according to The Lad.This includes Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and Adidas Originals.If you have […]

  • Which PC games are worth the money?

    In the past year, Diablo III, which has been available on the PC for almost a year now, has become the game of choice for many gamers.While Diablo 3 has sold millions of copies, it hasn’t been the breakout hit of a title.However, Diablo 3 did get the PC version out on Steam, where it […]

  • Ehentai Forums – Ehenta: New features coming to Google Hangouts

    Google’s mobile chat app has added a new feature called Ehentais, which lets users invite others to chat with them.It is part of Google’s ongoing push to expand Hangouts to a wider audience.Ehentais lets you use the app to invite people to join your group or ask them questions.This lets you keep your group active […]

  • Why you’re not seeing your bodybuilding friends anymore: It’s not the media

    Bodybuilding is a popular sport, but the number of bodybuilders and bodybuilders-to-be has gone way down in recent years.In fact, according to new data from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), more than 1.5 million men and women have been removed from the sport due to a lack of interest in the sport, a […]

  • When can you get back to the GW2 EU and NA forums?

    I’m pretty sure that GW2 Europe forum has been closed since the summer.However, GW2 NA forums have been offline since February, as it’s been almost a month since the game launched.I know, I know.The EU forum has just been closed, too.However there’s still a chance that we’ll see the GW1 and GW2 forums in the […]

  • When is the best time to play poker?

    The best time for poker chips is usually a few days before a big tournament, but the chip market is still in its infancy.Here are five poker chips that you should check out on Monday: 1.BK Chip – $40 – Blackjack – BetOnline

  • How to get the best bang for your buck with penthouse, penthouse forums, penthouses

    By now, you probably know about penthouse and penthouse forum.But is another one of those places where the forums don’t have anything to do with the actual product or the product is another great place to get answers to all your penthouse questions, but the community is quite small.Even if you know what […]