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  • What does it take to be a top footballer?

    Posted November 30, 2018 12:16:57 If you are looking to play professional football in the UK, the shortlist is quite lengthy.For those with a bit of money to burn, there are several ways to achieve a high level of fitness and physical performance.If you have been watching football for a while, you may already know […]

  • What happened to Destiny 2?

    Posted December 16, 2017 12:37:03Destiny 2 was supposed to be an online multiplayer game.And it turned out that it wasn’t.But that doesn’t mean Destiny 2 is going to go away, either.In a new video posted to Destiny’s official Twitch channel, Bungie announced that they will be “releasing a standalone sequel” to Destiny.In the video, Destiny […]

  • How to get rid of the blockchain for your next big project

    A few years ago, the concept of blockchain technology was largely unknown to the wider world.Its popularity in the tech industry was a bit understated due to the lack of a lot of public usage cases.However, its potential has been realised, and the technology is starting to be used in a lot more projects.For instance, […]

  • How to make a mask for your sniper’s hide?

    The best sniper’s mask can be made out of something really basic, like an old pair of jeans.There are a number of basic masks that you can make, but you’ll need a pair of scissors and some duct tape.For a complete set of mask components, you’ll also need a sheet of mask tape, duct tape, […]

  • Amateur voyeur on the Moon: ‘I was terrified’

    By Nicky SmithThe first man to ever visit the moon in his personal spaceplane was a “terrifying” experience.The 36-year-old astronaut, who did not want to be identified, is one of more than 50 people who have taken a ride on the lunar surface since the Apollo program began in 1972.In fact, he says he is […]

  • How to play the IndyCar Championship 2017 on PC

    The PC version of IndyCar races have a new, simplified version of the 2017 IndyCar series.That’s because the racing is all done in a few seconds, so there’s less downtime.As a result, you can play the season in less than two hours.Here’s how.

  • Steel Guitar Prodigy – The Story of a Lifetime

    We’re happy to announce that the legendary Steel Guitar prodigy, guitarist and music legend John Prine, has shared the untold story of his early years as a child and how he went on to create some of the most iconic songs of all time.From his early days in England, to the early days of punk […]

  • Why is this AR15 AR15 magazine not compatible with the RAS AR15?

    RTE Sport reports that the AR15 rifle magazine for the Rascal AR15 carbine will not be compatible with a Russian rifle that uses a similar magazine design.The magazine has a short length of 45.5 inches, and it will not fit in the Ras AR15, which is built on a shorter barrel than the standard AR15.The […]

  • Trump administration will delay rules that could limit guns

    On Friday, the Trump administration announced that it would delay a rule requiring background checks for firearm purchases.The move came after the White House reviewed a draft of a new rule that would require all firearm purchases to be conducted through a licensed dealer.The White House said it wanted to make sure that the rule […]

  • How to change your Google account password

    Posted by R.A. Shastri, Editor-in-Chief, MyFico Forum (India), on September 08, 2018 08:01:59There is an article on the MyFICO Forums that has been translated into Hindi. It seems to be a rather technical article about password management. While it seems to deal with password management, it does not explain how to change password of a user. So, let’s […]