Bungie reveals Destiny 2: Forsaken campaign

Bungie has revealed a new Forsaken campaign, and it looks amazing.

The Forsaken campaign is set to arrive alongside the Destiny 2 expansion in the summer, but we already know that it will include the Trials of Osiris and Trials of Ascendance.

Here’s what we know about it.

A Forsaken campaign will include new Trials and the Trials expansionA Forsaken Campaign will be available in the game’s August patch.

This will be a “very substantial” expansion, Bungie explained in a new blog post.

“It will have many new content, and we have to work very hard to bring everything in line with the content that was previously added in the Forsaken Campaign.”

This is Bungie’s first public confirmation of Forsaken, but there’s no word on when it will arrive.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this story as we get it.

In the meantime, Bungie is also teasing a new Destiny 2 raid.

Bungie is teasing “a new raid” called the Dark Anchor, and there are some clues as to what to expect from it.

First, it’s important to note that Bungie’s new Forsaken mode is not the same as the Raids from Destiny 2, which are called Strikes.

It’s called “Forsaken.”

Bungie is referring to Forsaken as a new Raid, but it’s likely that this will be the Forsaken campaign’s first raid.

We also know that Forsaken is set in the “Dark Depths,” the area that was originally in the original Destiny, but was moved to the expansion in a later update.

There’s no mention of a new Dark Anchors raid, though.

This Forsaken campaign features some of the same maps that were used for the first Forsaken campaign.

The map featured in the teaser, “Dark Anchor,” was also used for one of the Forsaken campaigns in the first expansion.

The maps that will be featured in Forsaken are:The Forsaken map in question is called “Dawnfall.”

The map used for a teaser trailer for the Forsaken mode was “The Lost City.”

The map featured on the Forsaken trailer for Destiny 2 is “Halo City.”

It’s unclear when Bungie will reveal the Forsaken content for the expansion, but here’s what it looks like so far:The trailer is for the “Dusk” and “Haven” maps from the Forsaken expansion.

It features the new Forsaken missions, “Bloodstone,” “Pyrrha,” and “Sons of Horus.”

The campaign starts in “Hollow,” and the Forsaken maps are set in “The Dark Depths.”

It also features a trailer for a “Dark Portal,” “Aurum,” and a new Heroic mode called “The Trial.”

The Forsaken campaigns will be on display at the PlayStation Experience 2017 booth in Anaheim, California.

It is expected to feature “Foes of Destiny,” a Destiny 2 multiplayer mode, as well as “The Forsaken” Raid.

The campaign will also feature “Hex.”

The Destiny 2 Forsaken campaign launch is set for the summer of 2019, and a PC version will be released “later this year.”