How to get out of the worst of the fallout from the new NFL playoff format

How to keep the best of the new playoff format at bay.

If you’re in the mood to keep reading for a bit of football trivia and trivia about the new system, here are a few more bits and pieces of news to keep you entertained.

First, the new format for the playoffs: The AFC and NFC East will each pick their conference champion.

That means the New England Patriots will get to choose their divisional champion.

So what about the NFC East?

Well, the NFC is expected to select the divisional winner, so the Seahawks will have the NFC’s champion and the Cardinals will have their division winner.

What about the AFC South?

The AFC will pick its divisional favorite, which means the Denver Broncos will get their division title and the Texans will get the AFC’s division winner and division champion.

And so on.

As for the AFC West, the San Francisco 49ers will have to choose the division champion, but that means the Broncos will have a division winner for the year and the Oakland Raiders will have an AFC West division winner, which is also the division of the AFC.

And as for the NFC West, that means Dallas will get a division title, and the Seahawks would get their NFC West division champ, which would also be the division, of the NFC.

So, you get the idea.

There are a bunch of wild cards and playoff matchups in the NFC and AFC, but the division winners will have one of the best chance to get home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.

The NFC Championship Game will be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on Dec. 7, with the New York Giants hosting the Chicago Bears in the other semifinal.

The game will be televised by CBS Sports Network.

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The next step in the NFL playoff picture will be the NFC Championship game on Jan. 8, when the Arizona Cardinals host the Los Angeles Rams.

The winner of that game would then host the NFC champion in the regular season finale.

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