Apple to start charging for the first time

Best Buy, which also owns Target and Walmart, announced Wednesday it would start charging retailers $15 for orders over $100.

The company says it’s the first major retailer to offer the pricing option, which was announced as part of a deal with retailers like Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Target.

The company says that the charge will apply to the first 100,000 orders a year, and will increase as time goes on. 

“We’ve seen a huge amount of consumer demand for this, and we wanted to make sure we delivered,” Best Buy CEO and co-founder Michael Pachter said in a statement.

“It’s our commitment to make this pricing available to everyone, not just those with the largest budgets.”

The move comes after the retailer announced in May that it would begin charging retailers for all orders that include accessories, up to a maximum of $100 a year.

The price increases are part of Best Buy’s plan to compete with online retailers like Amazon and Best Buy Prime, which have expanded their selection of products and are increasingly charging consumers for them.

The move to charge for items that retailers carry at home is a major departure for Best Buy.

In 2015, the retailer started charging retailers to ship items to customers over $150.

The move was a response to a wave of online retailers charging consumers to use their data to get discounted merchandise. 

Apple, which has dominated retail for years, has historically made its products available at a discount.

But this week, the company announced that its next-generation iPhone, scheduled to be unveiled next week, will not include a built-in display. 

In addition, Apple has long been criticized for selling its iPhone at a premium.

In a blog post last month, CEO Tim Cook acknowledged that the company “has been charging more for our iPhones than ever before, and that we’re only going to get worse.”