Cloudy Nights: How to stay safe in the dark

We are in the middle of the most dark period of our lives, when we must take every precaution to stay as safe as possible.

For starters, we must wear a mask.

Even if it is just to prevent a potential encounter with a violent assailant.

It is the first step toward a more peaceful society.

But a mask also offers a degree of protection, particularly for the blind.

If we were blind, we would be invisible to those who could see.

As a result, mask-wearing can be a source of great comfort.

The U.S. Army has issued a safety manual for its troops that includes guidelines for blind soldiers, which say to: 1) Wear a mask to prevent injury.

2) Wear one at all times to minimize the likelihood of contact with the face or eyes of others.

3) Never put a mask on or remove it unless you feel the mask is required by circumstances.

4) Wear it on the job as part of an overall uniform or other protective gear that can be easily removed when no one else is around.

The Army’s Safety Manual says it is important to remember that mask-wearers do not automatically assume an aggressive posture, and that there is always an alternative.

“No matter what the circumstances, you have to wear a suit, a hat, a shirt, or some other garment that will not give away your position,” Army Staff Sgt. 2nd Class Paul D. Smith told NBC News.

He said the uniform should also be made of a lightweight material, such as fleece.

“If you are wearing a helmet, you will need to wear it on that side, but if you are not wearing a hat you may want to wear your mask under your hat,” he said.

This year, there are already rules that state that blind people should wear a helmet when on duty, and it is a mandatory rule for all troops and police officers.

The military has also issued new guidelines for the armed forces that states blind people must wear helmets when they are in a military vehicle.

The rules also say blind people can use a headset when listening to a radio.

But for the rest of us, there is one more important rule to be aware of: Blind people should never walk alone.

“We must be aware that a blind person is always vulnerable to predators who are out to take advantage of her,” Army Sgt. 1st Class Patrick E. Hahn said.

“There are predators out there who will try to use blind people for their own purposes.”

As for the people who are trying to use them, they need to know that they can always go to the nearest police station, according to the military.

“Do not go out in public with a blind friend, and do not allow a blind acquaintance to be your friend,” the manual states.

But if you do need to go out with someone who is blind, you should be careful not to be “a danger to others,” Hahn told NBC.

“Don’t walk in the street with a companion or someone who looks like you.

Do not take someone else’s place to sit, stand or walk in a public place,” the Army’s manual states, “especially when walking alone.”