How to prevent a storm in Florida? Weather experts say you should plan ahead.

The Florida National Guard and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection are calling on residents to take precautions to prevent hurricanes and wildfires from destroying homes and businesses, particularly in areas that are prone to flooding.

The storm warning for most of Florida has been issued, but the National Guard issued the “temporary evacuation zone” for areas that face the greatest risks of damage from a storm surge or storm surge flooding, such as the Florida Keys, as of Friday.

The Florida National Guardsmen said residents should prepare to evacuate, and they encouraged people to stay home if they’re planning to leave the state, if it is clear of major flooding.

A storm surge watch is issued for much of Florida, including Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties, and the state’s entire north coast.

The state is bracing for a potential Category 3 storm surge.

It will rise to 4 feet above the surface, the highest recorded, if a surge of about 10 feet occurs Friday.

In Broward County, the threat of a 3-foot surge is forecasted, with the surge expected to reach up to 4 inches.

There is no official warning of a possible surge.

A 4-foot rise is predicted in Palm Beach County and a 4-to 5-foot increase is expected in Miami-Hialeah.

A surge of 4 feet or more is possible in the Keys, where a 4.5-foot-to-5-feet rise is expected Friday.

In Miami-Ft.

Lauderdale, the surge is estimated at 3 feet.

The Florida Keys is the largest island in the state.

A 3- to 5- foot surge is also possible in Naples and Naples-Naples, with 2- to 4- foot surges possible.

The threat of an 8-foot flood is also likely in the area.

In a video posted to Facebook Friday, the National Guardsman said residents in the Broward and Palm Beach counties need to plan ahead, and to be ready to take their own actions.

People should plan to leave their homes and leave all businesses and their possessions, and evacuate as soon as they are safe.

The Guard said they are urging all residents in all counties to remain indoors until weather conditions permit.

This is the most important time to leave.

This is the best time to get away from your loved ones and family.

This should be a time to celebrate, the Guard said in the video.