How a man was left stranded in the back of a Ford F-250 with no place to go and no way to contact his family

Written by David Mcnew The man had been working for a trucking company in Florida for about two months when he got a call from a woman who said her husband had disappeared.

The man told the woman he’d been stranded for a couple of days and asked for her help.

“She said, ‘You’re lucky, because we’re a family,'” the man said.

“I said, [he’s] lucky, you’re a good guy, you can get your family back and that’s it.”

The man’s wife, her husband and the two kids were all living in the cabin with the family.

They had called police the day before to say the father had gone missing and that they were trying to find his daughter.

They were also worried about what happened to the children.

“He said he went to a park where he saw two boys playing, and they just started crying,” the man’s family said.

“It was the last time they saw him, and he didn’t come back to them.”

They contacted a family member who said the family had taken the children to the park the previous day, and the children were taken there to the woods by the father and his wife, who were all missing.

The father and wife are not believed to have seen their missing children.

They are now living in a motel in a remote part of Florida.

“We’re just trying to get them home, because it’s a bad situation, but we can’t,” the family’s son, who was a child, said.

Police were called to the motel where the family was staying on Wednesday.

The father had taken his two children to a nearby park.

“It’s the last place we would have gone,” the son said.

The boy said the father was distraught.

“They were all together in the car, he was crying and he was mad at us.

He said, I need my family, I have my children,” the boy’s mother, who did not want to give her last name, told ABC News.”

The first thing he said to us, I didn’t know if he was going to come back or not, was, ‘My dad is going to go to jail,'” the mother said.ABC News’ Emily Smith and Jennifer Mertz contributed to this report.