When the world starts to get a little boring

Posted September 16, 2018 10:21:37I don’t get why the community seems to be in a hurry to get on board with this.

It’s not like we have to start worrying about things like “deaths from the universe” or the possibility of a new apocalypse.

We already know the “world” is going to end sometime.

We already know that, right?

Theres no reason to rush into it now.

We can handle a few more months, maybe a year, before the world gets a little tired of it.

And there’s always a possibility of the apocalypse happening, and it’s never too late to prepare.

 As I’ve said, we should have enough time to build up a strong foundation.

It doesn’t have to be this long.

And once we do, there will be no turning back.

I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

It will be a great time to grow and change.

And there is a lot of good stuff going on in the world right now.

The internet is really great, and we can’t have a world without it.

I think we should just let things happen.

We have so many great games on the market.

I love Destiny, and I have no problems playing it, even if I only play it on occasion.

It’s really simple to play, and so rewarding to explore the universe.

I’ve played Destiny so many times I don,t know what to say.

You don’t have time to do a whole lot of things when you are busy playing games.

Destiny has that “game in a bottle” mentality that makes it hard to get bored.

I can only imagine the excitement when Bungie is able to release a massive expansion pack that will make the whole game even more awesome.

It’ll probably be a year before we can even say goodbye to the game, and that’s fine.

We will be playing it again.

Theres a lot to be excited about in the MMO space right now, and with so many new games out there, we can just sit back and enjoy the ride.