What happened to Destiny 2?

Posted December 16, 2017 12:37:03Destiny 2 was supposed to be an online multiplayer game.

And it turned out that it wasn’t.

But that doesn’t mean Destiny 2 is going to go away, either.

In a new video posted to Destiny’s official Twitch channel, Bungie announced that they will be “releasing a standalone sequel” to Destiny.

In the video, Destiny 2 creators Eric Lombrozo and Dan Ayoub discuss what they’re trying to accomplish with the game, what the next big thing will be, and the impact that this “second” will have on the franchise.

It will be something we’re very excited to bring back.””

And that second, we think, will be an incredibly powerful thing that will be so exciting for people, but also have an incredibly deep and rewarding experience.

It will be something we’re very excited to bring back.”

Destiny is now more than just a game.

The game has also had its ups and downs.

The first Destiny was a huge hit.

The sequel had a lot of success, but it was also plagued by bugs and glitches.

Now, Destiny is a big success and people are eager to explore it again.

In the video Lombrozos and Ayoubs talked about a variety of things, but they were mostly focused on the next game in the series.

There’s also some talk about the sequel being a direct sequel to Destiny 1, but we haven’t heard much about that.

If it’s indeed Destiny 2 then we’ll know more in the next few weeks.

Destiny was the first big name IP to launch on consoles, but the franchise has been around for decades.

Bungie started the series in 2004 with Destiny: The Taken King.

In 2016, Bungie also launched the first expansion to Destiny, Destiny: Rise of Iron.