How to get a new car with a full-size roof spoiler

The car is a 2019 Ford Focus RS that looks like a cross between a Ferrari F40 and a Ferrari 360.

But it’s not just a replica, it’s a full size roof spoiler.

It’s also a super-high-end option, offering a total of six roof lights and a special, one-touch mount that lets you change the color of the front and rear of the car.

The whole thing is a piece of kit that Ford will sell for $3,000.

That’s $500 more than the sticker price of a comparable, factory-installed roof spoiler from a comparable brand.

But, as with any DIY project, you need a little help from a friend.

We’ve put together this handy DIY guide for people who just want a roof spoiler that works, but aren’t exactly looking to get it done themselves.

The kit includes a small flathead screwdriver and a pair of Phillips screwdrivers.


Find the hole.

For the roof lights, you’ll need a piece the diameter of your car.

That means a 20mm piece, and that’s the one you’ll use.

The easiest way to find the hole is to measure your car, and cut the hole to fit.

Then, use your flathead to drill a 6-inch hole in the top of your front bumper, and a 4-inch (10cm) hole in your rear bumper.

(The bolts on the bolts and the screws on the car’s body should all fit, but they’re not all perfect.

If they don’t, you can use a drill and a socket to make them fit.)

Next, measure the hole with a ruler and cut a hole for the screws.

The bolt holes are pretty simple, and they can be drilled to the size you need for the hole you drilled.

The screw holes are a bit trickier, and can take some work, but we’ve included a picture of what the bolts look like when they’re all in place.

You’ll need to find a location where you can attach the two bolts to the roof, and drill two 6-inches (15cm) holes into the roof.

Use a flathead or a Phillips screwdriver to screw the bolts to one of the bolts.

Next, attach the other bolt to the bolt hole.

The bolts are now connected by a metal rod, and you can pull it tight to lock them in place on the roof or the body of the vehicle.

The car should look like this after it’s attached to the body.


Remove the front bumper.

The front of your Focus RS will need to be removed.

Remove your front seat, if it’s there.

If not, you may need to do a little research before you get started.

You should find a bolt or two on the rear bumper, but the car doesn’t have to be completely out of the body before you can remove the front.

The next time you open the door, pull the car out and take a look at the bolt holes.

You can usually find a hole on the bolt that holds the front of the rear seat in place, so you can easily get to that hole.

If it’s the wrong hole, you could loosen the bolt a bit to allow the front to be pulled out, but if you’re sure it’s still in place after removing the front seat and pulling the car apart, it should stay in place as long as you don’t try to push it out too hard.

To remove the rear, you simply need to remove the bolts holding the front seats in place by using a flat head or a small screwdriver.

If you don.t have access to a small bit of car body or a wrench, the bolt or screwdriver is a bit more convenient.


Remove both front and back seats.

To get the front back seats out, you’re going to need to take them apart first.

The rear seats are easily accessible by removing the seats from the front body, and pulling them out.

You may want to do this before removing the rear body, but it’s definitely better to do it right away.

Next you’re supposed to take the front door apart.

You need to lift the door open, and use a flat blade or a pair the size of your fingers to pry it open.

The only problem is that it can take a bit of force to get the door opened, so it’s important to have a friend who can lift the car open with a wrench.

To do this, remove the door hinge, then the hinges and the door lock.

It shouldn’t be a big deal to remove all of the parts, but don’t be afraid to loosen the hinges if the doors are too loose.

Pull the door apart, and the doors should come apart, as they should.

If everything is in place now, you should be able to remove both front seats.

You don’t need to pull the door all the way open, just