Colts’ Andrew Luck, Joe Mixon in heated postgame discussion forum

Andrew Luck is having a lot of fun during a heated post-game discussion with Joe Mignola in which the former Colts quarterback says he wants to see Mignula “do what he does best.”

On Thursday night, Luck told a group of reporters in Indianapolis that he didn’t believe Mignana was “playing the game to get the votes.”

Luck said Mignolo would be “happy” to work with him in the NFL, and he said he wanted to “get him to know what we’re trying to do.”

But Luck’s comments came after Mignolans comments to the media, which he said were “disrespectful and disrespectful to the league.”

Mignola responded to Luck’s remarks by calling Luck’s statements disrespectful and disrespectful.

In a statement to, Mignolas said that Luck has made comments on the field that have been disrespectful to our league and that those comments have been disrespected and disrespectful, and that he is proud of his quarterback and his players.

Mignolas, a former head coach with the Cleveland Browns, told reporters that the NFL has been a better organization for the Colts’ organization and its fans since Mignols departure.

The Colts’ new president of football operations is John Dorsey, a quarterback with a long career with the Colts.

The Indianapolis Colts were without quarterback Andrew Luck during the Colts game against the Carolina Panthers on Thursday.