A Mixed Wrestling Festival in the U.K.

Fans of Mixed Martial Arts are gearing up for their first Mixed Wrestling Fest in the United Kingdom.

The event is being hosted by the British Mixed Martial arts Association (BMA), which says that the event will include a mixed martial arts class, grappling competition, exhibition matches and wrestling competitions.

The BMA is holding the event in London’s Guildhall, a historic building that’s been used as a hotel and prison since the 18th century.

While the venue is a historic landmark, it’s also the home of the British MMA Association (BA), which has been active since the late 1960s.

A mixed martial art is defined as a martial art based on grappling, striking and striking techniques, including kickboxing and kickboxing grappling.

The British Mixed martial arts Association is comprised of about 40 fighters, who have trained in various schools and academies around the country.

The most notable fighter, Conor McGregor, is one of the world’s top mixed martial artists.

The UFC champion is currently training at the legendary John Jay College in New York, where he recently defeated Nate Diaz in the main event of UFC 189.

The MMA fans attending the Mixed Wrestling festival in London are not the only ones who are planning to attend.

Other MMA fans are also planning to participate in the event.

According to the British Ministry of Defence, the Mixed Martial Artists’ Association of Britain (MMAB) is planning a “mixed martial arts event” for April 8 at Guildhall.

There will be mixed martial fights, grappling and wrestling tournaments, and other entertainment activities.

The festival is part of the UCL Sports Festival, which is an annual celebration of the sporting life in Britain.

The UCL sports festival includes several major events, including the world championship and the British Open, and also includes a mixed sports championship in June.

The International Mixed Martial Art Federation (IMMAF) is also sponsoring the Mixed Wresting Festival in London.

IMMAF is the umbrella organization for more than 100 MMA organizations worldwide, which includes many of the biggest names in MMA.

The IMMAf has an active presence in the UK and has a presence at several events, like the British and American tournaments.

According a statement from IMMA, the event is an opportunity to celebrate the history of Mixed Wrestling and promote the importance of the sport.

It also comes at a time when the sport is gaining popularity in Britain, with the British Boxing Federation (BBF) announcing a British Mixed Wrestling World Cup and the International Mixed Wrestling Federation (IMEF) sponsoring the British Grand Prix.