When can you get back to the GW2 EU and NA forums?

I’m pretty sure that GW2 Europe forum has been closed since the summer.

However, GW2 NA forums have been offline since February, as it’s been almost a month since the game launched.

I know, I know.

The EU forum has just been closed, too.

However there’s still a chance that we’ll see the GW1 and GW2 forums in the future.

That’s because GW2 will have two major events this year, the GW3 and the GW4.

And while the GW9 and GW10 events have been closed down, the European forum is still going to be offline, so we might see the EU forums back online again, but with a new name.

We’ll keep you updated.

GW2 European forums will have a new forum name The GW2 Forums will no longer have a name and will be called The GW1 Community Forums.

We hope this name helps ease some of the confusion and frustration you might be feeling right now.

The GW3 Community Forums will still have a separate name The other two GW2 Community Forums, The GW4 Community Forums and The GW5 Community Forums are currently offline.

It’s not clear what will happen to the two remaining forums.

The current GW4 and GW5 forums have remained closed for a month.

The following is a list of the forums that were currently online when GW2 launched: GW1: GW2 (and its expansions) – The GW forums The GW6: GW3 The GW7: GW4 The GW8: GW5 The GW9: GW6 The GW10: GW7 The GW11: GW8 The GW12: GW9 The GW13: GW10 The GW14: GW11 The GW15: GW12 The GW16: GW13 The GW17: GW14 The GW18: GW15 The GW19: GW16 The GW20: GW17 The GW21: GW18 The GW22: GW19 The GW23: GW20 The GW24: GW21 The GW25: GW22 The GW26: GW23 The GW27: GW24 The GW28: GW25 The GW29: GW26 The GW30: GW27 The GW31: GW28 The GW32: GW29 The GW33: GW30 The GW34: GW31 The GW35: GW32 The GW36: GW33 The GW37: GW34 The GW38: GW35 The GW39: GW36 The GW40: GW37 The GW41: GW38 The GW42: GW39 The GW43: GW40 The GW44: GW41 The GW45: GW42 The GW46: GW43 The GW47: GW44 The GW48: GW45 The GW49: GW46 The GW50: GW47 The GW51: GW48 The GW52: GW49 The GW53: GW50 The GW54: GW51 The GW55: GW52 The GW56: GW53 The GW57: GW54 The GW58: GW55 The GW59: GW56 The GW60: GW57 The GW61: GW58 The GW62: GW59 The GW63: GW60 The GW64: GW61 The GW65: GW62 The GW66: GW63 The GW67: GW64 The GW68: GW65 The GW69: GW66 The GW70: GW67 The GW71: GW68 The GW72: GW69 The GW73: GW70 The GW74: GW71 The GW75: GW72 The GW76: GW73 The GW77: GW74 The GW78: GW75 The GW79: GW76 The GW80: GW77 The GW81: GW78 The GW82: GW79 The GW83: GW80 The GW84: GW81 The GW85: GW82 The GW86: GW83 The GW87: GW84 The GW88: GW85 The GW89: GW86 The GW90: GW87 The GW91: GW88 The GW92: GW89 The GW93: GW90 The GW94: GW91 The GW95: GW92 The GW96: GW93 The GW97: GW94 The GW98: GW95 The GW99: GW96 The GW100: GW97 The GW101: GW98 The GW102: GW99 The GW103: GW100 The GW104: GW101 The GW105: GW102 The GW106: GW103 The GW107: GW104 The GW108: GW105 The GW109: GW106 The GW110: GW107 The GW111: GW108 The GW112: GW109 The GW113: GW110 The GW114: GW111 The GW115: GW112 The GW116: GW113 The GW117: GW114 The GW118: GW115 The GW119: GW116 The GW120: GW117 The GW121: GW118 The GW122