How Trump and the Republican Party Colluded to Destroy a Democratic Majority

The Trump presidency has been a disaster for the American people.

While it was initially seen as a success by Democrats, a series of disastrous policies and a growing public backlash against his agenda have eroded their political clout and the public trust in the president. 

The Trump administration has been an abject failure for the people, and their failure has created a major political crisis. 

Since Trump took office in January, there has been no real progress on the president’s key domestic policy agenda. 

Trump’s approval ratings have fallen, and his approval ratings in the Rust Belt and elsewhere have plummeted. 

His approval ratings are at historic lows, and Trump is the only president to have never passed 50 percent approval ratings on any of his first three attempts. 

Republicans have had no real political leverage since they lost control of Congress in 2018.

The party’s midterm losses are a disaster and have left them in a state of paralysis. 

President Trump’s popularity rating has dropped, and it is hard to see him getting much more than a 50 percent rating. 

Even the Republicans who control Congress are in a precarious position, given the growing public resentment toward Trump and a looming 2020 congressional election. 

Despite the president and his administration’s failures, Republicans remain united and united in their opposition to Trump.

This includes a number of major Republicans who have supported Trump since he entered the White House, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan. 

A number of Republicans are willing to break with the party to oppose Trump, and they are now actively recruiting potential replacements for Trump in his Cabinet. 

These developments, however, are unlikely to make any real difference in the midterm elections. 

In order to prevent the president from winning the 2020 election, Republicans need to change their strategy. 

Their biggest obstacle to victory is their ability to keep their House majority in 2020, and that is a political impossibility. 

There are many ways the GOP could change course and regain the House. 

Some of these options could involve a shift in the focus of the party’s messaging. 

For example, Republicans could shift from opposing Trump and his agenda to defending the Affordable Care Act and other progressive policies. 

Other Republican leaders could use the opportunity to criticize the president for being a racist, sexist, xenophobic, and Islamophobic bigot. 

Instead of attacking the president, Republicans might argue that Trump is an authoritarian and that he is using the presidency to bully Americans into supporting his agenda.

This would require some Republican leaders to step back from their opposition and begin to focus on a more moderate agenda.