Broncos’ coach calls NRL season ‘very disappointing’

A year after the Broncos’ season ended in a 4-14 loss to the Roosters, Bronco coach Paul McGregor has made a similar plea to the NRL.

Key points:Broncos coach Paul McDonald believes the NRL season was a disappointment to players and fansThe Broncos’ loss to a Rooster team with more than half the NRLs premiership points points this year was the worst in NRL historyBroncos captain Jarrod Croker has spoken of the disappointment Broncos fans feel about losing to the CowboysBroncos forward Jarrod Mullen has criticised NRL chief executive David GallopBroncos’ season was the lowest point in NRLs history, and coach Paul McNamara believes it will be the hardest season of his careerIt’s been an awful year, a season that’s been dominated by injuries, suspensions and the ongoing saga of a $500,000 fine for the Bronco captain Jarod Mullen.

In his most damning comment, McDonald said the Broncos “had a lot of issues” this year and had a “tough year”.

McDonald made the comments after the Cowboys’ game against the Broncos in Brisbane.

“We didn’t perform very well in the first half, we had a tough half of the year.”

But that was not the worst of the season, it was not even the worst year of our history.

“It was not a great season for the Broncos.”

McDonald said the players were frustrated with the outcome of the 2017 NRL season and that the club’s players were not happy with their performance.

He said he believed the season was “very disappointing” to players, and he urged the NRL to “rethink” its position on players’ contracts.

The Broncos had their lowest points tally this season in the NRL’s history with only half the points scored by the Rooster team this year.

In the past two seasons, the Broncos have won just twice in five seasons.

McDonald also criticised Gallop, saying the chief executive was “talking rubbish”.

“It’s not easy for him to say he’s doing a good job, it’s not the case, and that’s a fact.”

So when he does something he’s done a lot more than I’ve done in the past and I think that’s probably what’s been the issue, is that he doesn’t understand that this is not the time for him, to go out and make these kinds of decisions.”‘

It’s difficult’For NRL players, there’s a sense of disappointment in the way they are treated.

Former player Jarrod McCormick said the NRL was “a bit of a tough league” in 2017 and the players should have expected better.”

I think there’s definitely a lot to be said for the players and the coaches to try and make sure they’re not just on the back foot when they’re out there, because if you’re not you’re just going to get injured, you’re going to go on the wrong side of the fence and you’re a long way away from getting back in the game,” he said.”

If you’re getting injured and you can’t get back into the game you’re out for the season and if you can, you probably should be out for a little while.

“The players have got a tough year, they’ve got a lot riding on it.”‘

The fans deserve better’Broncos fans have criticised the club for not being involved in the players’ union’s decision to fine the Broncos for using a “snooper’s charter” to access players’ personal data.

They have also criticised NRL’s handling of the fine.

Broncos chairman John Grant said he was disappointed with the NRL for not standing up for the club.

“There is a huge amount of support within the club and the NRL, I can’t speak for every club but I’m disappointed that the NRL did not stand up for what they believe was right,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“They’ve just got to make sure that they’re doing things the right way, that they are giving players and players’ unions the benefit of the doubt and they’re going in the right direction.”

When you’re dealing with a team like ours that have been through a lot and a lot on the way to the premiership, I think there is a real sense of responsibility.

“People deserve better than what they’ve had.”

That’s why the fans deserve it.

“Because they know that the Broncos, the club, the team and the fans are working very hard to make this team successful.”

McNeal is keen to make a difference for his players after being sacked as Bronco boss in 2017.

He told the ABC that he believed he had made a positive impact on the Broncos.

“Obviously I’ve had some bad days,” he added.

“Sometimes I’ve been sacked because of the things that I’ve said.

But I think I’ve made a difference in some ways