‘I’ve had enough’: Actress Amber Heard speaks out about bullying, mental health, sexual assault

Amber Heard spoke to MTV News about her experience of bullying and how she’s dealing with the mental health challenges she faced as a child.

The actress was recently a guest on a special edition of The View, where she discussed her experience dealing with bullying and sexual assault.

Heard spoke about being bullied at a young age, and how the abuse led to her developing a fear of speaking up.

“When I was little, I would hear about people who were being abused, and I would think, ‘Why aren’t you coming out?'”

Heard said.

“But I didn’t want to get into a situation where I was just saying, ‘Oh, they’re abusing me, I’m not going to come forward.’

It wasn’t that I was afraid of speaking out, but I just felt like, ‘No, I can’t do that.'”

Heard said she was bullied for her sexuality.

“I was bullied in a very sad way, and it was very, very sad,” she said.

She said her mother, a nurse, also suffered from mental health issues, and that it impacted her in ways she couldn’t control.

“She had to deal with that all the time,” Heard said of her mother.

“You see it in her, you see it on the outside, but inside she was struggling.”

Heard said her therapist, whom she describes as a “nice, funny” person, helped her understand her issues and offer advice on how to deal and heal.

She also said she believes the bullying impacted her ability to sleep.

“It was a constant struggle for me, and my therapist helped me understand that,” she told MTV News.

“He helped me get the help I needed.”

Heard also said that she felt like her mental health had taken a hit.

“We did the mental testing.

I thought I was going to be OK,” she recalled.

“My therapist was telling me I should be able to function normally, and there was a lot of things that were just getting in the way of me functioning normally.”

Heard’s experience has made her an outspoken advocate for mental health.

She recently spoke out about her experiences with bullying, sexual harassment, and the mental and physical health of the transgender community.

“The way that we talk about mental health has really changed, and hopefully now, we’ll all be able do the same,” she shared.

“So many people have been so supportive of me and have given me their support.”

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