Aussie woman, 18, arrested for posing as a woman online for a man seeking sex

A 24-year-old Australian woman who pretended to be a woman on the dating site OKCupid has been arrested after police said they found her posing as her real self on an online dating site.

The woman, who was arrested on Monday, was found to be posing as an 18-year old Australian man and he was arrested by police in Melbourne.

The girl was charged with a breach of the peace, an offence punishable by up to six months imprisonment, a $5,000 fine and a $25,000 civil penalty, according to Victoria Police.

She was released on bail and is expected to appear in court on Wednesday.

The young woman was arrested in Melbourne in September after being approached by a man who said he was 18 and wanted to have sex with her, police said in a statement on Tuesday.

The 18-month-old girl was identified in the man’s phone log as the girl he had been contacting on OKC.

“It is alleged that he contacted the woman via an app on her phone, asking her to come to his house and engage in a sexual act,” Victoria Police said in the statement.

“The woman stated that she would not go to his home.

The woman did not agree to the sexual act, and was not aware that the person she was talking to was a man.”

A 21-year of age Australian man was also arrested in September for being involved in the alleged scam.