Blizzard launches $30 million investment into bitcoin mining business on Beeb forums

Blizzard is about to launch its first bitcoin mining company.

The company has already announced that its bitcoin mining hardware will be produced by Chinese firm Lulzbot, and that it will be the first to bring its technology to market.

Blizzard will make it easier for miners to make their profitsThe company will be building a $30m bitcoin mining equipment company that will supply miners with chips made from the mining chip itself, according to a blog post on

Blizz is about the only major video game publisher to offer a mining device, the blog post said, adding that the company is also about to announce a partnership with China’s largest mining giant, LulzBot.

Lulzbot’s chips are also being manufactured by Intel, which is in a position to make it a profitable business, according the blog.

The blog post did not say whether the mining chips would be sold by Blizzard.

But it is clear that Blizzard is preparing to take advantage of bitcoin’s growing popularity.

In June, Blizzard’s chief operating officer, Mike Morhaime, said that the game developer’s goal is to make the game “as good as it can be” in the next year.

That means increasing its mining equipment supply by about 100 percent.

“I’m hoping to make this company profitable by next year,” Morhaimes said.

Blacksmiths has been working with the company since 2014 to bring the mining technology to its gaming computers.

The company was founded in 2009, and it now employs more than 30 people in its Chicago headquarters.

It also recently announced a partnership between its mining chips and IBM to make its chips “more powerful and more scalable.”

Blizzard also announced plans to open its own cloud-based bitcoin mining service, as well as the purchase of its own bitcoin hardware for use on its servers.