How to get your hands on a $2,500 iPhone 6 Plus phone from eBay

You can buy a new iPhone from a major retailer for just $2.50 (AU$2.99) if you pre-order your handset on eBay, the US site says.

The site offers the iPhone 6S Plus for $2 for pre-orders starting at $699, but you can buy the iPhone for $1,199 on eBay for the same handset.

You can also pre-buy a new Apple TV for $299.99 from Apple.

The new Apple tv is available in white and gold and features Apple’s OLED display, a 10-inch screen and Apple Pay and AirPlay technology.

The iPhone 6s Plus is the first Apple smartphone to be released with a new camera system called Face ID.

Face ID is similar to Touch ID, a feature that allows a person to unlock a device by touching it to their nose, but it can also unlock a phone from anywhere in the world.

It’s not clear whether Apple will make its Face ID feature available to all iPhone models, but the new iPhone could also make the feature more convenient for people with a limited number of contacts.

The new iPhone has a larger battery and faster processor.

It comes with the latest iOS 9, the latest version of iOS, along with iOS 11, the seventh version of the operating system.

The Apple TV is a streaming box that lets users watch shows, movies and television shows on their TV sets.

It’s available in black and white, red and green.