What’s in the new Google News app?

The new Google app is out today, and you can get a taste of what’s new by taking a look at the screenshots below.

The new app has a number of features, including an RSS feed for RSS feed readers and the ability to search for content using keywords, the ability for users to search through content on the web and new ways to find news stories and video clips.

But while the app is a great start for the Google News service, there’s also a lot of new content in the app.

Here’s a look inside the app:The RSS feed is a useful feature, especially for RSS readers.

It’s a service where you can subscribe to content, which means you can see what the news is saying.

The app also provides an RSS reader that will automatically refresh the feed when you hit the back button, and if you click on a particular article, the app will also take you to that article’s page, if it’s available.

The feed is also available in an embedded article mode, and users can subscribe and unsubscribe at will.

If you click the RSS icon next to an article, you’ll see a list of articles that have been published, which is useful when you want to quickly jump to a specific article or read an article in the news feed.

The RSS reader can be used to read stories in Google News and its native news app.

The news app has been redesigned from the ground up to be a more streamlined experience.

In the new app, the news app looks very much like the one you’d find on a mobile device, with a streamlined layout, a better interface and a lot more functionality.

The user interface has been updated to be more responsive, with the navigation buttons now sliding to a more natural position.

And there’s even a new way to scroll through stories in the RSS feed, called the “News Slide”.

But the biggest change here is in the way you find news.

The News app has two ways to go about finding stories.

You can swipe left or right from the top of the app to navigate around, and that’s the way Google News likes to display content on its web pages.

If that’s not enough, there are also search tools available on the News app.

There are search terms, such as “world news”, “business news” and “business” to get a list for that topic.

You’ll also find the “Popular Topics” section where you’ll find a list that looks a lot like the RSS feeds that users of Google News use, and it also contains a “Featured Stories” section, where you find stories that you’re interested in.

You have the option to subscribe to news from your News feed, too.

But this is where the new version of the Google app really takes off.

The News app offers a subscription service for its users.

Users can subscribe by subscribing to specific stories or to a subscription list for a particular time period.

There’s also an option for users that want to have a subscription to all stories, or just specific topics.

As you’d expect, the News apps are designed to be easier to use.

You can click on the app icon in the top right of the screen to get into the app and tap “subscribe”, and the subscription will be added to your account.

This is the same app you’d normally find in the Google news app, and the only new feature is that the app now includes the ability “Read More” to display a pop-up box where you’d need to click on to get more information.

If it’s not too late, you can also subscribe to a news service via the RSS reader, which has a similar interface and will automatically add stories to your News app feed once you subscribe.

And it’s here where the big news comes into play.

News apps aren’t new.

They’ve been around for a while, and many of them have come with a subscription model.

But the new News app, which launched today, gives you all the news you need right in the App Store.

As usual, there is a new version, so users should update to the new one as soon as possible.

And for those that want more news, there will be a news feed for Google News for Android.

There will be some new features added in the coming weeks, but for now, the new feed is available to anyone with an Android phone.

The Google News feed has been available in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Portugal, South Africa, Turkey, Japan, Brazil, Singapore and more.

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