What do you know about Tickling Media?

Posted June 03, 2018 04:07:16By Peter DingleTickle Me It:The Tickling TV series, co-produced by Tickling and ITV, is based on the Tickling series of children’s books.

The series is being broadcast by ITV and will also be available on YouTube, ITV’s online video platform, from June 10.

In an interview with the BBC, series creator Peter Dillingham said the series was an attempt to “get children’s media into the 21st century”.

“I don’t want children to have to wait forever for their next favourite show to come out,” he said.

“We wanted a programme that kids would watch at a young age and then they would go back to it a few years later.”

The first season of Tickling was filmed in the UK, with the series filmed in Birmingham, where Dillingley is based, and at the BBC’s studios in Glasgow.

He added: “The Tickled TV series is about kids watching, learning and growing up in a digital world.

It’s not just the show, it’s the stories that are being told, and that’s what tickling is all about.”

Dillingham is keen to highlight the differences between tickling and other media in order to highlight that “children are not alone in the digital age”.

The Tickles’ characters are able to interact with the internet in ways they could never dream of having with physical media, and the show’s creator said that it was important to the show that it “gives them an opportunity to interact in a more real way”.

TickleMe It:Tickleme is a digital media programme that follows young people and their parents in real-time.

It uses live-action and animation to tell the stories of children from across the UK.

It features an array of characters including the Tickles, children’s teachers and their families.

Tackle Me:The series, which is being released in the US, Australia and New Zealand, is produced by TickleMe and ITV.

From May 10, Tickle Me will be available to watch on YouTube.

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