How to fix your phone’s camera bug

FiveM Forum users have been experiencing some issues with their phones camera, and while they’ve been trying to figure out how to fix them, some are having trouble getting their phones back up and running.

The forum posts have also been going viral on Twitter.

The latest issue with FiveM users is the inability to turn off auto-focus and focus lock when using a tripod.

FiveM forum users have reported issues with the ability to use auto focus and focus unlock when using tripod, with some even having to force them to lock down.

The issue was first spotted on April 1st, and has only been brought to the FiveM forums after many of the forum users began reporting issues with auto focus.

FiveM forum members are reporting the issue on the forums, where many of them have been asking for solutions.

The forums are now closed for the time being, but users have posted to ask for any fixes that FiveM has to offer.

Users have reported having to manually turn off focus lock to focus on an object.

Another problem with auto-exposure is the lack of ability to adjust the exposure value.

Users also reported that the app’s shutter button doesn’t seem to work, though there is a fix for this in the app itself.

A FiveM user who has reported the issue says he is experiencing problems with auto exposure and focus unlocking, with the app saying he can’t manually turn it on.

“If I press the shutter button on my phone, I cannot set the exposure, so it just shows me the current value, so I’m stuck on the default value,” the user said.