Why the S4 is getting a big update with the next-gen Sim 4 forum

The next-generation Sim 4 update is getting an update today.

In a blog post on the Sim 4 forums, Electronic Arts has said the next Sim 4 build, codenamed Project Spartan, will be a “big update” to the game.

“The next Sim game update will bring you a new look, better performance and new features,” it said.

Electronic Arts didn’t detail exactly what the next update will be, but it’s clear that it’s going to improve the quality of life for Sim 4 players.

The Sim 4 developer also promised to “improve gameplay, new content and content updates in the future”.

“We are always listening to our players,” the blog post read.

“The Sims 4 community is passionate, creative and supportive of EA and its projects.”

The Sim 3 and Sim 4 teams have previously announced that they will be “working closely” with EA on the next game, although EA did not say when this would take place.

Sim 4, which is scheduled to launch this spring for PC, Mac and Xbox One, will see a “significant upgrade” to gameplay and gameplay engine support.

The new game will include the first-person shooter game, a first-party game, and a social gaming service.

The Sim team has been developing a “simulation engine” called “Sim” since the launch of Sim City last year.

This new Sim 4 engine will be the first to use “simulated environments” in the sim, EA said, and will allow players to build up a “real world” environment in their own virtual worlds.

“Sim 4 has the power to transform the way you play,” EA said.

“You can now create your own real-world environments with a single click, and the world of Sim 4 is already yours to explore and conquer.”

With Sim 4, we will be taking the Sim experience to the next level.

Our goal is to make it more immersive, more fun, more dynamic and more rewarding for players.