Former KQED employee dies in Utah

A former KQESK pop singer has died in Utah after he was found unresponsive in a car parked outside a home.

His cause of death was not immediately available.KQED-TV in Las Vegas said the man, who was in his 30s, died Friday at a hospital.

The station said he was a member of the pop group, AllKPop.

A police report said the vehicle was reported stolen sometime between Monday and Thursday.

KQET-TV, in Las Angeles, said the driver of the vehicle, a 32-year-old man, was also found unconscious.

The agency said the victim was in critical condition at a local hospital.

KSLA-TV reported that the car had been reported stolen on Friday and that the man was known to police.

The man had been a KQEK singer, the station said.

The channel reported that he had been working in the area for about a year.

He had been with KQEX-TV since 2006.