How to use a car navigation app in a Jeep GLV forum

Posted April 14, 2018 09:02:09 When you want to see the traffic, traffic lights and the like, you’ve got to use your phone’s GPS.

But for driving a Jeep Wrangler, it’s not a big deal.

You’re still using your phone, and you still get a car’s navigation software installed on your phone.

That’s because Jeep says it uses your phone and your car’s GPS data to provide the vehicle’s driver-assistance system.

Jeep says its system uses a combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to help the vehicle detect obstacles and navigate around them.

But the company says it does so to give you the best possible experience for driving the Jeep, even if your phone or tablet isn’t up to the task.

The navigation app is designed for a range of vehicle models, including the Jeep Wranger, Jeep Grand Cherokee and Wrangler Unlimited.

The company says you can use the navigation app on any vehicle with a compatible GPS module, and the app also works with some models of the Grand Cherokee.

The navigation app uses Bluetooth to send a signal to your smartphone to make sure it can connect to your Jeep.

Jeep recommends you set up a compatible app on your smartphone for both the navigation and driver-as-assist functions, and to use an Android device for the autopilot.

To use the app, you’ll need to have an Android smartphone that can connect with your Jeep’s GPS module.

If you’re looking to get a sense of how the Jeep’s navigation system works, you can check out a video that Jeep released on its YouTube channel.

Jaguar says it’s also making it easier for you to download and install the navigation application from the Google Play store.

But you can still get your hands on the app for free by going to the Jeep website, clicking on the “Download Now” button, and downloading it to your phone using the Jeep Appstore.

You can also get the navigation software on the Jeep Web site.

Jeep also makes it easy for you too to download the app from the app store.

Jeep’s Jeep Wranglers are available in a range from the Wrangler Grand Cherokee to the Wrangler Renegade, and for all four-door models.